Makeup Galway City & Makeup Tips for Lips

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Your lips can be most attractive part of your face. Like as our face skin, lips also needs special attention and care at times. Proper lip makeup can make you look outstanding in the crowd.

How to choose lip colour depending on complexion:-

The foremost step is to find out the complexion you have. It can be either having cool with red undertones having shades of pink colour or warm complexion have yellow undertones with orangey shades. Darker skin comes under warm complexion category whereas fair skin comes under cool one. Choosing basic shades: – Lip colours like cappuccino, brown, caramel silver or golden can be selected by warm complexion people. If you have cool complexion, you can choose pink red or bright red or pink or beige for yourself.

Always test, then buy: – It is always good to test a colour before you finally decide to buy it. Check by applying the small amount on the tip of your finger and check to select the final one. Choose colour depending on the time of day: – If you are going out in the day time and you have fair complexion, you should choose the light colour. You can select light berry or pale pink colour. If you have darker complexion, you can choose apricot, nude, shades of red or beige depending on the time.

Selection of colour based on lip shape: – For thin lips: – 1. To enhance the looks of your lips, you should apply the eye catching colour. You can select bright red, burgundy, dark berry shades or maroon colour. 2. If you have thin lips, then applying lip liner is must for you. The colour of the lip liner must match the colour of the lipstick. Application of lip liner after applying lipstick will keep the lip liner on for longer time.

For thick lips: – 1. If you have thick layers, you should avoid wearing dark colours on lips as it will make them appear fuller and bigger. Instead, use light colours or go for nude shades of glosses or lipsticks. You can prefer light pink, light brown or peach colour for more beautiful outlook. 2. You can choose slightly different colour of the lip liner than to your lipstick but colour should be lighter one.