Makeup Galway City- Choosing the Best Brush Kit for Make up

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For those who are beginning a brush kit, want to add to their collection or just curious on what the roles of their brushes are, here is the ultimate guide to choosing the right brushes and their benefits in your kit.

Rule 1: Quality- We all know quality is very important when building a beauty kit. You want to use the best and safest quality on yourself of your clients. Make sure to check the hairs of the brushes, making sure they don’t shed and the hair is placed to your preference. Some users prefer the bristles to be clean cut. Others prefer hand-placed hairs, which are more expensive, but the benefits are the brushes holding more products.

Rule 2: Quantity- Even though some sets come with tons of brushes for a great price, you have to make sure they last long and are good quality. There is no denying some cheaper brushes are AMAZING. Do research and see the reviews of the brand. You may get lucky and pay single digits for your brushes. It is also okay to invest in your tools. Although a brush may cost $40, you may have that brush for 10 years in great condition. Check your budget and do what works for your budget and preference.

Types of brushes: – Foundation Brush- Features of a paintbrush, designed to apply liquid or cream foundations, moisturizer or colour. You can use this wet or dry, it usually comes in synthetic hairs for its sleek finish. This is also great for applying cream blush. Contour Brush- This multi-use brush is great for creating your contour. Its shape is round and semi-flat, so you can shape around and on the face. This brush is a smaller sized blush brush.

Blush Brush- Usually fluffier than the other brushes, this brush is great to apply powder blush. Liner Brush- Used with gel and powders, this is a slim, synthetic haired brush that is perfect to wet and apply powder liner. This is brush is easy to clean and fast drying. Angle Brush- This synthetic haired tool is good to fill in eyebrows, draw in eyeliner and even great for the lips.